What Can Happen If Someone Gets Your Social Security Number

What Can Happen If Someone Gets Your Social Security Number – Identity theft has been around for hundreds of years—perhaps much longer than the historical record—and the proliferation of technology has only made it worse.

The Internet, data breaches, and your growing digital footprint allow cybercriminals and fraudsters to commit digital identity fraud on a large scale.

What Can Happen If Someone Gets Your Social Security Number

We’re here to help you prepare the information you need to fight online identity theft. Read on for clear, practical advice from cybersecurity experts.

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Any definition of digital identity theft includes a malicious actor who illegally obtains personal information (date of birth, social security number, credit card information, etc.) and uses it to commit identity fraud (credit card cloning , applying for credit, blackmailing a victim, etc.).

Online phishing works much like offline, with one key difference. The sheer amount of information attackers can find about you on the internet and their level of detail makes their ‘job’ very easy and very profitable.

Because your digital footprint extends far beyond its visible parts, it’s hard to spot when cybercriminals are profiling your online persona and using it for malicious gain.

“Warning signs include receiving bills for services you did not order. You may find online accounts for services you’ve never used — so someone uses your account identity to create platforms or services they want to use. You may be notified by the IRS that you have filed more than one tax return in your name—which is a crime—and may face legal charges. Sometimes you’ll also be notified that some information has been compromised in the event of a data breach at a company you have an account with – and this is usually one of the signs that your personal information has been exposed online. Liviu Arsene (Senior Electronic Risk Analyst,)

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Other red flags include strange transactions on your bank statement, collection agents contacting you to settle debts you never incurred, and medical bills for services you never received.

The sooner you identify an anomaly in your online and offline ecosystem of data, products and services, the faster you can act to mitigate its impact.

Examples of online identity theft range from fake social media accounts to identity theft of children, with consequences ranging from short-term to long-term effects.

The emotional impact is also part of the consequences of identity theft. Losing control of your data can be very frustrating.

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While there are things you can do to stay safe, some factors will always be out of your control. Take for example data breaches and their role:

“Most data breaches fuel digital identity theft, and it’s not people’s fault. Some scammers are very convincing and can fool even the most trained eye. We are interacting with the internet at a speed we have never seen before. they are not and this increases our chances of being victimized. Even the most security-conscious people can sometimes hide information. In other cases, technology reveals this information to us: missed privacy settings, carriers that have been hacked. are ready and reveal phone numbers and other personal information. Reporting these incidents should become routine. It’s like being hit by a car in a parking lot. It’s not necessarily your fault and it’s part of being online. Bogdan Botezatu (Director of Threat Research and Reporting) How Digital Identity Theft Happens

The tactics that cybercriminals use to steal people’s online identities are almost endless. Here’s a list of digital identity theft tactics to watch for:

“Imagine a phishing email that speaks your language. He knows you are interested in buying a new car and the exact type of car you want. Attackers know how much money you want to spend.” , they know your zip code, and they may try to give you a deal that’s so good you can’t resist opening an attachment or clicking a link. That’s really all there is to it. what they need: Liviu Arsen (Senior Electronic Risk Analyst)

Staying Safe Online

“In addition to file overflow, there is also a case of malware infection that understands your device. Attackers will often try to plant vulnerabilities that are designed to combine anything you type. This means that any social network account, any password, anything you type on your keyboard can potentially be accessed by an attacker and used to compromise all your accounts. Liviu Arsene (Senior Electronic Risk Analyst)

“Other examples may include tricking the victim into revealing additional information. Posing as a financial officer, the attackers call their victim and ask for additional details about the specific person they are targeting. So identity theft can be used for additional identity theft attacks. Liviu Arsen (Senior Electronic Risk Analyst)

“Cybercriminals are now collecting information from websites that collect very little information to websites that have our food order history. They combine them to create a very, very accurate mirror of who you are online. Besides, everything is for sale. The most important information is that which cannot be easily changed. Although you can change your username or password, you cannot change your social security number, date of birth, or name. They stay with you for the rest of your life. Health records also become very important. This information can tell a lot about who you are, the services you will contract for, the type of online goods you are likely to buy, etc. This makes medical records one of the most financially viable assets a cybercriminal can collect from you. Bogdan Botezatu (Director of Threat Research and Reporting) What happens after your information is stolen

This is especially true for non-destructive information like your date of birth, your parents’ names, your social security number, and other details that stay the same throughout your life.

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“The thing about identity theft is that it can have a very lasting impact. You cannot control the amount of damage it deals. However, you can minimize them. Many people don’t realize their identity has been exposed until friends contact them saying they were contacted by scammers, often through hijacking or takeover of social media accounts. Sometimes people feel that their identity has been misused when they apply for a loan for a new home or a new car and realize that their credit score has dropped Bogdan Botezatu (Director of Risk Research and Reporting,)

Once a malicious player obtains your data, it continues to reside in their systems and criminal infrastructure. They trade it on the dark web so it grows. It also integrates with other details of future attacks or data leaks in an endless, unpredictable loop.

While there are many factors beyond your control, there are also many things you can do to monitor your digital photos and make sure you’re taking the necessary steps to protect your privacy online.

Knowing what to do when you spot signs of online identity fraud helps you act quickly to limit the damage.

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For more details, try the US federal government’s identity theft website, where you can notify authorities and get a recovery plan.

Whether you want to learn how to prevent digital identity theft, improve your privacy online, or improve your online security, these same golden rules apply.

Every time you use a strong password, every time you ask yourself “Why am I getting this request?”, every time you think twice about uploading a photo of your home, you’re making it a little harder. Making it easier for cybercriminals to steal your digital data. identity

If you think about it, it makes you your own superhero. You must be ours because we took the time to read – and hopefully implement – this guide! Identity thieves are looking for your sensitive information. But there’s one thing that can unlock your bank accounts, medical benefits and credit: your Social Security Number (SSN).

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In the first 9 months of 2023 alone, more than 4.2 million Americans had their identities stolen – at a loss of over $6 billion.

It’s not enough to hide your Social Security card and hope for the best. With the number of data breaches in the past decade, there’s a good chance your number is available to hackers on the dark web.

Instead, SSN monitoring is just one way to make sure that fraudsters don’t use your SSN to steal your identity, get credit cards or loans in your name, or use your Medicare benefits.

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Social Security numbers were originally designed to track your lifetime earnings and determine your retirement eligibility. But today, your SSN is used for everything from opening new credit card accounts to buying a home and applying for a passport.

This means that if a thief gets access to your SSN, they can wreak havoc on almost every aspect of your life.

Here are some types of identification

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