Social Security Disability Lawyers In Fort Worth

Social Security Disability Lawyers In Fort Worth – Our social security attorneys at Underwood Law are dedicated to helping you get the disability benefits you deserve.

If you are considering applying for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) or Supplemental Security Income (SSI) or your case has been questioned, we can walk you through every step of the application or appeal process. , from beginning to end. The best part is that we can do this at no cost to you.

Social Security Disability Lawyers In Fort Worth

The government has not made it easier to get SSDI or SSI benefits. There are endless forms to fill out and confusing guidelines to see if you qualify or not. Our qualified attorneys are experts in social security law and have a better chance of getting you higher benefits. If you’ve been denied, it’s even more important to have successful Social Security attorneys on your side.

Social Security System Still Failing Disabled And Poor Americans

The Social Security Administration (SSA) has its own rules for determining disability. These laws are a source of endless confusion for healthcare providers who want to help, and great frustration for applicants who are rejected and don’t understand why.

In order to claim disability under Social Security or SSI standards, we must show that our clients are unable to do any type of full-time work – even the lightest types of work. Most other disability insurance programs only require proof that a person is unable to return to their previous job.

The SSA calls the disability policy a “Publication of Reduction.” It is part of the Code of Federal Regulations, a publication of about 70 pages.’

“The list”, as they are known, is complete. Rare cases are hard to prove, but many people with disabilities can fit somewhere on the List, and in fact they can fit more than one if there is a combination of disabilities.

Top 15 Faqs About Social Security Disability Benefits

In the third step in the process, Social Security determines whether a person “meets” the Disability List. Does the diagnosis and list of symptoms match those shown elsewhere in the list? Do the clinical observations and laboratory results adequately support the claim? If so, the plaintiff can win the case and no evidence is required. If not, the decision-making process continues to determine whether there is any work the person can do.

In late 2008, Social Security established a list of 30 conditions that are eligible for “compassionate benefits” now. These diseases are so dangerous that they cost money. This list includes other leukemias and cancers, as well as Lou Gehrig’s disease. You can view the full list at

Our most important contribution to the situation is our experience, which includes knowing exactly what Social Security needs for the employer to receive. We work with medical professionals to get accurate information. We ask the right medical sources the right questions and then get answers in terms that will be considered by management.

Because Social Security standards vary, a simple statement that says “this patient is disabled and unable to work” is useful. Accurate information is needed, we will collect it and submit it to our discussion, showing the reasons why the plaintiffs are declared disabled under the law.

Top 10 Best Disability Lawyer In Dallas, Tx

Almost all applicants for Social Security and SSI disability benefits are unemployed. Because of this, many plaintiffs (and those who try to help them) feel that they will not get the legal help they deserve. It is a common misconception that the help of a lawyer is not an option.

It would be nice if these applications and requests were easy to do yourself. New electronic records introduced by Social Security this year have made things even more difficult. Finding things in the right place in electronic files is a new challenge.

Our Underwood office will help you with the paperwork that often comes with being a disabled job seeker. We will obtain the necessary medical reports and records and submit them to the correct system.

We have been working in the legal field for years. We know the people and the rules and regulations.

Dallas Personal Injury Attorneys & Disability Lawyers

We will work with you to create a winning strategy. We may receive additional compensation from the applicant by filing an earlier claim.

But a person making a claim, who is disabled and often has financial problems, how can he afford to hire a lawyer? We represent applicants with emergency funds. Compensation – 25% of the compensation received by the claimant is determined by federal law and Social Security will support. The applicant will not pay until the dispute is resolved and the benefit is returned. The Legislature also sets a maximum fee of $6,000 for the work done, up to and including a hearing.

If the applicant is poor and cannot pay for the medical certificate, we will get the certificate, we will delay it

Payment until the claimant receives benefits or other arrangements to pay the debt. Anyone can have a lawyer apply for Social Security or SSI. In our system, we offer a free consultation and will review the case for free.

Do I Have A Case

Social Security has two programs that pay for people with disabilities. One is SSI (Supplementary Security Income); the other is “regular” Social Security or SSDI. There is a lot of confusion among the public about these two systems. The difference is simple.

SSDI or the “permanent” disability program pays a claimant based on the amount paid into Social Security during his or her lifetime. The amount is determined by the amount paid, divided by life expectancy. Money can be sent to spouse and children. Eligibility includes Medicare for two years after the date of eligibility.

The SSI program is a paid program for people who have no record of work in the last five years. There are both maximum income and household eligibility limits. This program is now under state Medicaid.

In our area, about 73% of initial applications are rejected. One-third of those who file appeals ultimately win their cases.

Fort Lauderdale Ssd Lawyer

While waiting 2-3 years for the complaint, many people had to declare bankruptcy, some even died while waiting for the verdict. After the first rejection, many become discouraged and give up on the program.

Applicants must raise their complaints at the next stage, called “Reconsideration”, and be prepared to be rejected again, because about 90% of applicants are rejected at this stage. The request for a hearing is dismissed as a request for “reconsideration”. Huntington’s office has a 320-day waiting period for cases, and requests for hearings are made only after two denials. People need help making the right decision first, that’s where we come in. We get

The highest success rate at the hearing level. Government statistics show that 62% of applications are approved at the hearing stage. For litigants with legal support, the success rate is even higher, with a favorable decision of 90%.

Applicants should be closely monitored to ensure that appropriate appeals are filed within 60 days of denial. Reports that must be returned in the event of a complaint can result in a significant loss of income.

Get Help Filing A Disability Claim

There are problems with filing for Social Security disability benefits while enrolling in state unemployment insurance. Similarly, a Social Security claimant, in order to qualify, says any job is impossible. On the other hand, claiming unemployment insurance means swearing that the claimant is “available, willing and able” to work. In most cases, proof of continued employment must be provided for unemployment to continue.

This problem is not considered at the first stage of applying for social security. But once a case has been tried, questions of credibility may arise. While receiving unemployment benefits is not an automatic barrier to disability benefits, it is difficult to present in front of a judge. Technically, the claim cannot be rejected on this basis alone. But there can be a challenge if the accuser is asked a specific question like: “Did you lie then or are you lying now?”

Issues to be resolved include whether the claim for unemployment benefits occurred during a time when the claimant felt able to work. Check your unemployment history:

Did the applicant get a job? Are there any failed attempts at work? A claimant may believe they can work when they file for unemployment. Since then, the health condition may worsen or the market may indicate that the applicant is not working. Willingness to work is not a strong indicator of ability to work.

Lump Sum Settlement Lawyer

The truth is that state unemployment benefits are processed and paid faster than Social Security benefits. Most federal courts consider unemployment affidavits to be “positive” evidence, but not “proof” of employability and reliability.

Public safety always says “it’s another agency’s decision.”

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