Got Into A Car Accident Not My Fault

Got Into A Car Accident Not My Fault – It is important to know what to do after a car accident in Michigan that was not your fault. Seek medical attention immediately and be sure to document all of your injuries and where you feel pain. Submit a police report. Contact your insurance company and apply for benefits. Talk to an experienced car accident attorney.

Call the police. Under Michigan law, you must file a police report — even in a car accident that wasn’t your fault — if someone is injured or killed or the property damage amounts to $1,000 or more. (macl. 257.622)

Got Into A Car Accident Not My Fault

Even if you don’t think your property damage will amount to $1,000 or more, as an attorney I always recommend people call the police and file a police report. This will accurately record your accident which will make it easier and faster to open a claim with your insurance company to pay for any car accident damages you may have later. The accident and how it happened If the at-fault and negligent driver who caused the accident later denies or changes his or her story about how the accident occurred. You should make sure you give the police all the information you have after a car accident in Michigan, especially if it was not your fault. It is important to explain and record with the police what the at-fault driver did to cause the accident. The investigating police officer will almost certainly talk to the at-fault driver, which will determine how the at-fault driver occurred and make it unreliable when the at-fault driver tries to change his or her story later. How did the accident happen?

Not At Fault Car Accident

Sometimes innocent people are injured at the scene and taken to the hospital when the police arrive, so they are not there to tell the police what happened. Don’t let the police hear about a wrong driver’s license. The police will try to contact you at some point, and it is important to document what happened in a car accident in Michigan that was not your fault.

At the very least, if your injury prevents you from giving this information when you call the police, ask them to tell the police what happened to you.

When you are at fault in a car accident in Michigan, you must take special care to preserve all evidence that the driver’s negligence caused your injury.

In Michigan, after a car accident that was not your fault, it is very important to obtain the following information from all drivers and owners (if you are not the driver) involved in the accident, as well as any witnesses.

How A Not At Fault Claim Can Raise Your Insurance Costs

It’s a good idea to use your phone to take pictures of your insurance cards and driver’s licenses.

If you are unable to access this information due to your injury and/or emergency medical care, ask someone to collect the information for you. This information is important because many insurance companies have strict notices for replacement coverage, such as when an uninsured or underinsured driver files a claim, and the language of your insurance policy may require you to “call” another vehicle and file your summary claim.

Some insurance companies have shortened the notice period to 30 days after the accident, which can be a big problem for you and your attorney if you don’t have this information.

In many Michigan cities, such as Detroit, a police report may not be available for weeks or months after an accident. Delays are common and often due to the severity of the injuries. If someone is murdered and the death is investigated and criminal charges are likely to be laid, the police report could be delayed for several months. It is also common for the police report to be delayed for weeks or months if the police accident investigation unit downloads the cell phone or black box/ECM after the incident.

How To Prove You Are Not At Fault In A Car Accident In Maryland

Leaving your car off the road after a car accident in Michigan is your fault.

When someone suffers serious injury or loss of life as a result of a car accident, drivers “should not remove their vehicles from the main portion of the roadway” and accidents are not far from the scene. (M.C.L. 257.618a(1)).

Don’t delay in seeking medical care after a car accident in Michigan that was not your fault

Seek immediate medical attention after a no-fault car accident in Michigan. Even if your injuries seem “minor,” they are. Injuries that initially seem “necessary” can later cause severe pain and become debilitating and disabling. These are called delayed damages.

Steps To Take After A Car Accident That Is Not Your Fault

If someone else is injured in the accident that caused your injury, you must “reasonably assist in obtaining medical care, transportation, or transportation to the injured person.” (M.C.L. 257.619(c)).

It is very important to make sure that all of your injuries – no matter how “minor” you may feel – are reported immediately after the accident to the police, firefighters, EMTs, ambulance personnel, and anyone who asks. To any doctors, nurses, or medical staff present in the hospital emergency room or after you are there.

The old adage that it’s not written works well here. Insurance company employees will be willing to pay expensive medical expenses if they are not enrolled immediately or shortly thereafter. The insurance company defending a Michigan wrongful driver lawsuit may also be willing to fight the claim and lower the claim settlement price if there is a long delay or large time gap. The injury is recorded in the medical records. As a personal injury attorney who has helped hundreds of people, I can confirm that this is very important to ensure that you get the medical care you need and that your legal rights are protected for all of your injuries. It is very common for neck and back injuries to gradually worsen, and when people fail to accurately record the pain they feel after an accident, they mistakenly believe that they will get better soon, which can cause major problems in the future. they

After a car accident in Michigan that was not your fault, it is important to obtain a copy of the police report. This allows you to check that your version of the accident was reported correctly and determine whether the at-fault driver changed their story in any way. This allows you to check the insurance information of the at-fault driver.

What Not To Do After A Car Accident

To get auto insurance benefits – which cover insurance benefits such as medical bills and lost wages – you must file a claim with your auto insurance company within one (1) year of the accident. . Or with a relative who lives in your home. If there is no at-fault coverage from either source, you can file your claim through Michigan’s designated claims plan.

Your claim, which is referred to as your “written notice of injury,” must be filed within one year of the accident. (MCL 500.3145(1) and (4)).

Unless you speak with an experienced Michigan car accident attorney who will protect you and your interests, do not sign any agreement, release or waiver made to you by your car or motorcycle insurance company. Or car insurance when the drivers or any other insurance company or person is at fault.

Settlements, releases, and releases often contain irrelevant language that can deprive a car accident victim of all of his or her legal rights, including the right to compensation and insurance benefits. the law

What To Do After A Car Accident That Was Not Your Fault In California

An experienced attorney who focuses on helping people injured in car accidents and has extensive litigation experience can help you get the help you need after a car accident in Michigan, including medical benefits and lost wages if you are not at fault. A settlement will reflect the full value of your damages.

If you feel pain, it is important to continue treatment. This is the best thing you can do for your health and not only helps you recover faster after an accident, but it also helps protect your legal rights to future PIP insurance benefits.

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