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Car accidents can be a complex legal matter, especially in the state of California. Although most people associate car accidents with personal injuries, it is important to understand that legal claims for property damages can be made even if there are no physical injuries. This article examines various aspects of filing a property damage claim after a car accident in California.

Can You Sue In A Car Accident

Material damages can be divided into two: immovable property and movable property. While real property refers to land, buildings and structures, movable property includes movable property such as vehicles. In the context of car accidents, personal property usually refers to a damaged or totaled motor vehicle.

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Valuation of damaged property refers to the loss of value resulting from the accident and the cost of replacing the property with something of equivalent value. Insurance companies may consider a vehicle “total” if the cost of repair equals or exceeds the cost of replacement.

Negligence claims are common in property damage cases. The four legal elements include duty of care, breach of duty, damages and causation. In cases of negligence, a claim for negligence automatically arises when a safety rule or law is violated.

This happens if someone intentionally damages your property. Winning a claim requires proof of intentional acts, interference with private use, unauthorized possession, and damage caused.

Conversion means permanent theft or complete destruction of property. The exchange request refers to the market value of the property.

Suing Government For Car Accident

If a defective consumer product causes damage to your property, you may be able to file a product liability claim. This includes destruction of the product and any damage claims.

This article explores the legal rights and options of those wishing to file a property damage claim after a car accident in California. Understanding these rights is important for anyone attending such an event. If you need legal assistance regarding you or a loved one being involved in a car accident, don’t hesitate to contact us. Call (866)-Napoleon today to schedule a free and confidential case evaluation.

Alexander Drew Napoleon is a personal injury attorney in California. His practice focuses on accidental injury, workers’ compensation, personal injury, wrongful death and general negligence.

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Can You Sue Your Insurance Company For Diminished Value After A Car Accident ?

← California Safety Standards: What Should You Do If You Are Injured in a Workplace Violation? Negotiations with insurance companies often result in an offer that accident victims will be happy with. However, this is not always the case. Even if your car insurance company covers the other person’s costs for injuries and property damage, you may still face a civil lawsuit.

Every driver in California has a duty to pay attention to other drivers and pedestrians on the road. Drivers must operate their vehicles responsibly and safely. This means that when an accident occurs it is common for fingers to be pointed to establish that the driver breached their duty of care.

If you are responsible for a car accident that results in personal or property damage, you may be responsible for the cost of the accident. This may be true even if you have insurance.

Yes, if you are responsible for the accident that caused injury or property damage, the accident victim can sue you for compensation. There may be many reasons for this, but the most common scenarios where a driver is personally sued for a car accident include the following:

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California requires all drivers to have car insurance, but policy caps and limits sometimes prevent the injured party from getting the money they need to cover their injuries. In such a case, you may be responsible for the remaining balance because state law allows victims to seek full reimbursement of certain costs and damages. These include medical expenses, property damage, loss of income, and pain and suffering.

Although liability insurance is required under California law, some drivers still do not have insurance. If your insurance expires or you miss payments, any accidents you experience during this period may become your financial liability. When you are at fault for an accident and do not have insurance coverage, the next step for the injured party may be to file a lawsuit.

Even if you do everything right after the accident and cooperate fully throughout the claim process, your insurance company may delay the process. Long delays can be tiring and burdensome as an injured person waits to be compensated for medical bills and lost income, causing them to take other steps to recover their losses and sue you.

In California, more than one person can be held responsible for an accident because the state uses a comparative negligence standard. This means that you and the other driver may be responsible for the accident. The amount of compensation to which the injured party is entitled will be reduced by the percentage of fault that contributed to the accident. For example, if a court awards the other driver $15,000 in damages but finds that he was 30 percent at fault for the accident, he will receive only $10,500.

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If you haven’t already, consider contacting an attorney to help you through the process. Being a defendant in a lawsuit is not easy, especially if you are trying to handle the case alone. Also, just because a lawsuit has been filed does not mean that you will be found guilty. You may have options, including filing a lawsuit against the other party. Stay calm and contact Accident Network for legal representation. Call us today to schedule your free consultation.

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It is important to hire a reputable car accident attorney to handle your case and file your car accident lawsuit if it is deemed the correct course of action. There is a statute of limitations on your claim, so call Florian|Robeg today to get started!

How much you can actually sue depends on a variety of factors. How much your insurance covers, the cost of your medical bills, how long you’ve been unemployed: these are just a few of the many reasons your payment amount may change.

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Car insurance is required by law in 49 of the 50 states. If you are injured in a car accident, the cost of the car accident depends on the type of insurance you and the other driver have, policy limits, and liability coverage. For example, you may have a less-than-ideal settlement offer if the at-fault driver was uninsured or did not have adequate insurance coverage. If your insurance does not include uninsured vehicle coverage, your settlement may be negatively affected.

Most often, your insurance company and the other driver’s insurance company will send an adjuster to measure the amount of damage done to the vehicle and people involved in the accident. They will then determine the total monetary value of the loss and report it to the insurer, who will then come up with a settlement amount. If you have liability insurance and you are the at-fault driver, you may have enough insurance to affect the settlement amount.

There are several states, including Florida, that have a foolproof insurance system where every insurance company covers its customers’ expenses. No-fault states attempt to help unclog the system by keeping small insurance claims out of court and therefore not assuming the driver is at fault.

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