When You Get Into An Accident And It's Not Your Fault

When You Get Into An Accident And It's Not Your Fault – Worried about being a victim of car accident fraud? Here’s what you can do to protect yourself.

Have you ever been in a car accident that made you realize the dark nature of some drivers, especially those who try to twist the incident to their advantage and ask you for thousands of dollars?

When You Get Into An Accident And It's Not Your Fault

Let’s be real about car accidents in Singapore: some are organized by syndicates for money, others involve opportunistic (or dishonest?) drivers filing claims for their own benefit… all at your expense.

Practical Steps To Take During And After A Car Accident

For experienced motorists, these stories are common, or you may have experienced them yourself. But if you’re a new car owner, it’s natural to worry when your first car accident happens.

Similar to the “buffet syndrome” affecting the health care industry (where consumers do not have to pay hospital bills out of pocket due to insurance), the same thing is happening in the automotive industry; But the authorities are not ready to do anything.

Learn to recognize the common tricks these unscrupulous drivers use so you don’t become their next victim.

Some drivers take advantage of accidents (even if they are minor) and demand more money from the other party. These opportunistic drivers are easy to spot: they usually ask you to pay a personal fee (usually an excessive amount) and if you refuse, they threaten to file a claim against your insurer and demand compensation.

Drivers’ Guide On What To Do (and What Not To Do) If You Get Into An Accident In Singapore

In addition to auto repair costs, you should be very careful when the other party claims a “personal injury claim that aggravates bodily injury.” The General Insurance Association has also identified it as an example of car insurance fraud in Singapore.

My husband and I have had two accidents recently, here’s how they played out differently.

My husband was very saddened by such an accident recently, where another person tried to extort S$42,000 for nothing but a special kiss. This has allowed us to learn many lessons and I hope our experience will help prevent others from facing the same problem.

You can’t even see the damage to two cars (black car in the back, silver car in the front):

Ohio I 70 Bus Crash: Six People Heading To A School Band Performance Killed In Multivehicle Crash

I began to suspect that the other driver had ulterior motives for driving safely to the scene of the accident. She took photos of my husband’s NRIC but refused to give him his copy and did not allow my husband to take photos of the passengers in the car because of “privacy”.

It wasn’t until we received his lawyer’s letter that we understood why he acted so aggressively at the scene of the accident – because, with the photos and videos, it was impossible for his claims of $10,000 and $13,000 to reach the passengers. .

A 2017 study on insurance fraud found that collisions and claims are one of the easiest injuries to report on auto insurance. In our case, the other party sought to claim $18,000 on that basis.

Ironically, I had originally selected this guy’s company specifically from my list of interior design companies, but this accident made me see a very dark side to this guy’s character and made me wonder if he actually put it into practice. The work ethic attracts customers to the feed, so we’ve blacklisted them permanently.

How Long After My Accident Can I File A Claim?

Side note: another friend of ours was once involved in an auto insurance scam where the other party tried to recover thousands of dollars for “hit” (another difficult medical-proof issue) and “loss of money”. Do you see a similar pattern?

Even if you have a dashcam to view the accident, how can you defend yourself and prove that the so-called injuries are not real or serious without a doubt?

Also, regarding my husband, I used a repair shop that has been in business for over a year. This is a big mistake that we fail to avoid, because when the opposing party goes to an unauthorized car workshop, it is too late.

A few months later, there was another accident: a taxi driver hit my husband’s car in the parking lot. It wasn’t just a ‘kiss’; He had a major shock. In this case, the damage is clear:

What To Do If You Get Into A Car Accident On A Field Trip • The Fashionable Housewife

After getting out of the car, the first words out of the taxi driver’s mouth were an apology and then we were going to claim more money from his insurance. He feared that unscrupulous drivers would end up with tens of thousands of claims against him and his insurer when such accidents were common.

“Are you sorry? Please don’t do this,” she pleaded. I wondered how many times he had met such honest drivers who didn’t need to worry too much.

My husband assured him that he will only apply for the area damaged by the car and not for anything else such as damage or modification of the car.

$4,000 worth of damage to the left side of our car.

Things You Should Know If You Get Into Traffic Accident Abroad

$42,000 for a small kiss, we can’t even see the damage, and $4000 for an accident where a taxi hit us and sent our car off the road.

After learning from my husband’s mistakes, we learned a few important points to ensure that nothing like Accident 1 will happen to us again in the future:

Video clips from the web are great, make sure you have one set up and running.

If you have an accident, always take pictures of both cars and all passengers.

If I’m In A Car Accident And Get A Ticket, Can I Get Sued?

You can call me Kiasu, but personally I will make videos of the car, the driver and all the passengers involved in the scene. My other “unique” tips are:

Using Aviva for example, ComfortDelgro Engineering Pte Ltd, Tan Chong Motor Sales Pte Ltd, Kah Motor Co. You can check the list of authorized dealers including names like Sdn. Bhd.

Once the dealership is in the picture, helping the driver with major repairs (most of which are not due to accidents), there isn’t much you can do to reduce the claim from there.

I asked Aviva’s motoring manager about how he handles these claims, especially if he thinks they’re fraudulent due to a lot of trickery, and here’s what he had to say:

Here’s What To Do When You Get Into A Car Crash

SGBB: How does the insurance industry handle these claims? How can crazy money be accepted? Red: The industry’s comprehensive coverage of fraud or fraud ensures that all drivers involved in an accident must file an accident report within 24 hours of the accident. A certain level of currency must be considered legal in the context of commerce. But a small amount can breed fraud. SGBB: How does Aviva deal with such complaints?

Chua: Aviva submits all accident vehicles to be investigated by a professional investigator to ensure that the claimed damage is consistent with the reported accident. One of the ways we try to help our Aviva Prestige customers is that they can call us right away and start our accident service where we will send out mobile accident responders within 20 minutes. If there is a private party through the insurance, there is less of a claim.

Chua: Yes, there have been cases where the insurer has rejected the proposal. They usually hire their own experts and lawyers to litigate this matter, further increasing the costs. There is a legal process to find one expert appointed by a judge to estimate maintenance costs and decide the final amount.

SGBB: I understand that illegal training also leads to an increase in such problems, especially when the driver has the opportunity to modify the vehicle and can claim the bill for “accidents caused by another person.” How can we prevent it?

Solved 1. Let The Value Of Your Car Be M Dollars. If You Get

Chua: Ultimately, it all comes down to educating the public on how a driver should behave in the event of an accident. We encourage drivers not to attend training sessions that are unknown or recommended by accident. The repair rate at most car workshops in Singapore is so good that we cannot tell if the car has been in an accident after the repair. However, when there is an opportunity to apply, they want everything new. In some cases, the insured may wish to make independent decisions as a full claim.

SGBB: What advice would you give drivers if they had an accident? Red: Never get angry because of accidents. Come and write down all the signs there are

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