Should I Sell Or Rent My Home

Should I Sell Or Rent My Home – Windermere property manager Don Clay has over a decade of experience in real estate and property management. Today, he shares his expert advice for homeowners deciding between selling or renting their home in the current COVID-19 climate.

Given the uncertain times in our economy, is it better to rent or put a home on the market in Kitsap County now?

Should I Sell Or Rent My Home

While the real estate market across the country is facing various impacts from COVID-19, it is doing well locally. As Matthew Gardner, Windermere’s chief economist, noted in his latest report, our current market is still strong and favors sellers. Both homes for sale and homes for rent are in demand throughout Kitsap County. If priced appropriately, I think homes on both avenues would sell or rent quickly. I don’t see the rental market slowing down due to covid-19. In fact, we currently have a small inventory compared to the number of families looking for a rental property to call home.

Should I Rent Or Sell My Vacation Home?

Even in our local, resilient seller’s market, is there any reason to stop selling homes now?

Some areas of the county have a lot of new construction, so sellers are competing with new, turnkey homes that require little or no work for buyers after purchase.

The better question is: Are you willing to continue investing in your home and do the maintenance necessary to maintain its value? Homeowners can also consider a comparison calculator to determine what makes the most financial sense.

I find that 3 or 4 bedroom houses rent fast if priced right so having more than one bathroom in the house is ideal. Homes with garages and/or carports are in demand and rent quickly

Top 3 Things To Remember Before You Buy, Sell, Rent A Home Without A Property Agent

Homeowners often worry that renters will not take as good care as the homeowner or that renters will damage the home. An advantage of hiring a property management company is the fact that we conduct background checks. We look for the best tenants so that both landlords and tenants get the best possible outcome.

Whether you’re selling or renting a home in Kitsap County, how can Windermere help homeowners instead of taking on the work themselves?

When selling a home, Windermere Real Estate has licensed, knowledgeable agents who are market experts throughout the county. You can take advantage of their superior supplier network to effectively prepare and market your home. They provide strategic pricing and guide you throughout the process.

Even when renting a home, Windermere Property Management / West Sound offers industry experts to help prepare and market the home, as well as manage tenant communication and management to ensure a hassle-free experience.

Should I Sell My Home, Or Rent It Out?

Windermere Professionals take as many precautions as possible to ensure the safety of the property and visitors. We wear masks, make appointments and limit visits so that no more than three people are allowed in the house at a time.

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With his experience as a real estate agent, new Windermere property manager Cameron Tapp has the commitment and expertise to effectively assist Kitsap homeowners and renters.

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Should I Sell My House Or Rent It Out?

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Expert Advice On Selling Vs. Renting Your Home Amidst Covid 19

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Should I Sell Or Rent My House?

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There are many reasons why a homeowner might want to move. But whatever your reason, one question remains: What should you do with your current home? Depending on your financial situation and your local housing market, it may be better to rent out the property rather than sell it, or vice versa. If you’re debating selling versus renting, let’s look at factors to consider, including costs.

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Should I Sell Or Rent My House In Lamorinda? Professional Property Management Advice

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