Selling Your House Before It's Paid Off

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Selling Your House Before It's Paid Off

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Real Estate Tips: How Long After Buying Can You Sell A Property

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Don’t be afraid to list a home because you’ve heard that November can be a slow month for home sales. Contrary to popular belief, November is a great time to sell your home for a number of reasons, including less competition and more motivated buyers.

November and December are typically two of the busiest months of the year for Canadians as holiday celebrations, gift shopping and souvenirs fill our calendars. If buyers are looking for a home at this time, they may have been looking for a while or have some other sensitive factor at play.

The Pros And Cons Of An Open House

Buyers who have been on the hunt all summer and fall are likely waiting to find the right property. They may be looking for something specific that suits their needs or they may have lost the property to other buyers. Many have already secured financing and are ready to make an offer before pre-approval expires or interest rates rise. Regardless of which scenario applies, people who are house hunting in November are usually motivated to buy and sell quickly.

Other motivations that may arise at this time of year include timely life events, the need to move, or simply wanting to be in a new home. Whatever the reason, it is in your best interest to have big buyers in the market.

Although peak sales seasons may seem like more shoppers, some of those shoppers are window shoppers. During the spring and summer months, people sometimes use open houses or home viewings as a fun weekend event. This means that even if 50 people come to your house on a Saturday afternoon, most of them are just curious and have no real intention of making a purchase. Some of them may have started the buying process and are now studying the market and “scrutinizing” neighborhoods.

On the other hand, in the autumn months, when the weather is cold and the days are short, people do not come to the house or look at the house just for fun. During this time, you can see bigger and more interested buyers, which is exactly what you want as a seller.

Why November Is Actually A Great Time To Sell Your Home

The peak season for real estate sales is usually from spring to early fall, and sellers tend to think that the colder months are less profitable. This logic does not take into account that when buyers are looking for a home during the peak season, they are competing with other buyers.

While you may feel like you want this competition to happen on your listing, remember that buyers who have been looking for a property all summer are likely to buy your property now while they can.

Additionally, this means your property is more likely to attract potential buyers with fewer options to explore. Some sellers prefer to leave the market during the holiday season, while others hold on until the spring. This is especially important for sellers who have a property that needs maintenance or repair or has an interesting or unusual design. In this case, competition is less profitable and may prevent you from spending money on repairs.

If you are thinking of registering your home now, don’t wait. Listing your property now can benefit you for many reasons, but most importantly, it won’t hurt your chances of selling. No one holds a crystal ball in the future, and while it is easy to be optimistic about a market peak in the spring, other factors, such as economic or international events, can also play a role. Assess your current situation and consider the benefits of selling now.

How To Protect Your Intellectual Property In Licensing Deals

If you’re still unsure or afraid to sell your home this month, contact the Lisa Hartsink team today! We can address your concerns and answer any questions you may have about the summer and winter real estate market. We have years of experience to back up our advice, which means you can trust that we have your best interest at heart. Call us at 905-873-9944 or email us at info@

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If you are selling real estate, you need to think like a seller and think like a buyer. Ask yourself: What is important to my buyer? Understanding the buyer’s needs is the key to increasing your sales value.

The Time To List Your House For Sale Is Now…

The most important thing a buyer needs is confidence – you wouldn’t buy a car without spec papers, so why buy a property without information to support your buying decision?

Most real estate agents care more about the presentation and the furniture – it’s like selling a car and they only care about the color, the interior decoration.

What buyers want to know is the bottom line, and when it comes to buying property, the engine of capital growth is untapped development potential. If you can help your buyer understand the potential of the property, you can convert them from a window shop to a loyal buyer. If your buyer thinks they’re buying something with nice trim and new paint, but they don’t know there’s a powerful engine under the hood, you could be leaving a lot of money on the table at the time of sale.

Here are 7 reasons why it’s a good idea for a seller to provide insight to a buyer through consultations and feasibility reports and designs:

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