I Owe More Than What My House Is Worth

I Owe More Than What My House Is Worth – Well, I won’t lie and tell you that the whole process of designing your own home is easy. Actually, buying a stock plan would be more my style and I’d probably be a bit short. You see, I’m the one taking the easy way out and Henry not so much. He is always up for a challenge.

He had the idea that we chose a unique, our own design, but of course useful for our family. But with our architect, Frusterio Design, I really feel we achieved what we were looking for: the perfect combination of timeless style and functionality. After a couple of long weeks, it was worth it!

I Owe More Than What My House Is Worth

We want the look of our new home to be a timeless design. Who will grow old with us if we stay here forever. It never goes out of style. It may be new, but it looks like it’s been around for years.

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We use brick and a durable frame for exterior finishing. Both brick and hardwood tables require very little maintenance and are very durable. After many years of painting, both materials must withstand time and weather.

We are working on a solid wood front door and side entrance. We discussed it, but could not resist the beauty of solid wood.

We now have solid wood doors and we absolutely love them! The front door is under a covered porch which helps with the weather. Neither the front door nor the side door get direct sunlight due to the many trees, so that’s a plus too.

On the other hand, garage doors can be made of faux wood. Thinking about the wear and tear on the garage door, we realized it would be more efficient. It also saves us from having to maintain it every few years.

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Going through this process, we had several things on our list that we wanted to put on the first floor. The first thing we laid eyes on was the downstairs bedroom. Not only is it great for resale value, but we know we won’t be getting any smaller. As you know, we are not the type of people to say “home forever”, but we do, so we took it into account. Besides, when there are two teenagers at home and no small children, it’s nice to be away from them for a bit. This allows everyone their own space.

Henry and I opted for a separate mud and laundry room. We wanted the master bedroom to be close to the laundry room for convenience. This makes washing easier. We haul the laundry from the upstairs bedroom to the laundry room. Anything that makes my laundry a little easier is a must!

At the other end of the house near the garage is a mud room. This is where we can leave the junk before we get to the rest of the house. I also like how the plans call for an entry into the kitchen from this area. This makes it easier to transport goods. I know this mud room will be very useful!

We know firsthand that a covered back porch is a must for us. We love our porch now and use it all the time! When we designed this new build, we knew we wanted this area for recreation and relaxation. Considering this is a very used area for us, we will also add a fireplace. And I think another need would be a porch swing!

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Another area we wanted and really needed in this house was a designated office area. We decided to leave this space downstairs for several reasons. The first reason is that we want a guest room on the main floor for resale purposes. It has a closet and bathroom, which in turn counts as a fifth bedroom when it is put on the market. Another reason is that we wanted an office on the base level to be separated from the kids. This allows us to do more work in the summer and winter when they are at home. Not to mention we’re planning to put in some really cool office space, so who wouldn’t want more exposure, right.

Our thoughts behind this part of the house was family! Our family spends more time in the kitchen and family room than anywhere else in the house. We are very close and migrated to the same area. Maybe I cook, the kids do homework, and Henry watches the ball game, but we like to be in the same area. So we made it a more spacious area with a vaulted ceiling. It definitely feels more spacious and is great for entertaining as well.

Another nice feature we plan to do is a nice door between the family room and the covered porch. This door allows more flow to the porch in hot weather.

The upstairs is really very basic. It has three bedrooms and two bathrooms. This allows each child to have their own bathroom. It’s good if there is both a boy and a girl. We use the third bedroom as a TV/game room to give them more space when they have friends over.

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We are very excited about our next build and feel like we nailed it with our family home. As of 2018, I paid off $49,000 in debt from my bookie and $26,000 in credit cards. We had to refinance our house to pay off the loan. (Photo by Remy Theriault, Michelin illustration.)

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