Can You Sue If Car Accident Is Your Fault

Can You Sue If Car Accident Is Your Fault – If you have been injured in a car accident in Michigan, you may be able to sue the at-fault driver and the owner of the vehicle that hit you. In many cases, the manager and the owner are the same person. But if they don’t, they could be legally responsible for your car accident.

If the driver who caused the car accident that injured you in Michigan was both the driver and the owner, you can sue both the driver and the owner.

Can You Sue If Car Accident Is Your Fault

In Michigan, you can sue the driver who caused the car accident and the owner of the car under the owner’s liability laws, even though they are different. However, in order to do this, the owner of the car driving his car must have “consent or explicit knowledge”. (MCL 257.401(1))

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You can sue the at-fault driver and claim that their negligence or carelessness caused the accident and your injuries. In most states, this lawsuit is for pain and suffering and other economic damages.

However, if the owner and the driver are not the same, you can file a car accident lawsuit to claim that the owner of the car is at fault. This is because Michigan liability law provides that the owner of a vehicle is liable for injuries caused by the negligence of the vehicle, regardless of whether such negligence is the result of a violation of the law. or state law. of this state. The standard of care required by common law. (MCL 257.401(1))

Most importantly, the law applies to “liability” whether the owner of the vehicle or someone else who caused the accident. Many states have similar laws that place liability on vehicle title holders.

But Michigan’s “liability” law does not apply if a vehicle is driven without the “consent or knowledge of the owner.”

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The consent of the vehicle owner’s “husband, father, mother, brother, sister, son, daughter or other close relative” is considered to drive the vehicle. (MCL 257.401(1))

If I sue the driver or owner for a car accident, what can I sue them for in Michigan?

If you were injured by the driver and/or owner of the vehicle you were driving at the time of the accident, you may be able to sue in Michigan for: (1) compensation for pain and suffering; (2) Additional no-fault health benefits. (3) additional no-fault wage loss benefits; and (4) the cost of repairing the damage to your vehicle.

In order to file a pain and suffering injury claim, you must show that the driver’s negligence caused your injuries and that you suffered serious physical impairment, which is the legal limit required in Michigan. Car Accident Law

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No-fault and excess medical benefits will help pay for medical bills and lost wages related to your car accident that are not covered by the limits of your no-fault auto insurance policy. to cover PIP benefits and/or you say they are covered. . to you under Michigan law without fault.

In Michigan, you can also file a small claim against the at-fault driver and/or owner of the at-fault driver who was driving your vehicle at the time of the accident to recover damages to your vehicle. However, the maximum amount you can recover in a small tort claim is $3,000. (MCL 500.3135(3)(e))

The amount of pain and suffering compensation and economic damages you can sue the driver and/or owner of the vehicle after being injured in a car accident in Michigan depends largely on the severity of your injuries. The extent and duration of your damages and the limits of coverage in your accident liability insurance policy.

Liability policies – or third party auto insurance policies – that may apply to you may include: (1) your auto insurance policy; (2) vehicle owner’s liability insurance; and/or (3) insurance coverage purchased by the at-fault driver’s spouse or relative.

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In general, Michigan law requires all Michigan motorists to carry insurance with minimum limits of $250,000 and $500,000. MCL 500.3101(1); 500.3131(2); 500.3009(1)(a) and (b), 5)

Liability insurance limits may be higher if the driver who injured you was an Uber or Lyft truck or commercial vehicle. The driver and/or owner of the vehicle may have additional coverage under an umbrella policy.

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Can and should you sue your family if you cause a car accident that injures you?

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Car accidents can cause fatal injuries. Treatment for these injuries is often expensive. Many car accident victims sue the person responsible for their injuries to seek compensation for medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and other damages such as emotional distress. – po.

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But what if the victim’s family caused the accident? In this case, is it appropriate to try to transfer the money to the current account by filing a lawsuit?

In many cases, the law allows victims of a car accident to sue a family member after the accident. More distant family members, such as aunts or cousins, can almost always be sued. And it is generally possible to sue someone close to you, such as when a child sues a parent or someone sues their spouse (although marriage laws in some states restrict this).

In order to sue a family member for damages resulting from an accident, that person must be responsible for the accident.

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